The Long-Term Value of Billboards in HVAC Marketing: A Patient Investment

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Aside from ‘online business’ I actually own offline home service businesses. Over the last 15 years I have started, acquired and sold several trades business; including HVAC.

In a recent discussion among HVAC business owners on a Facebook group, the question arose: “Do billboards create more phone calls?” The answer may not be a resounding “yes” in the short term, but let’s explore how billboards can play a crucial role in building long-term brand recognition and customer trust.

The Warm-Up Effect: Billboards act as a constant presence in the lives of potential customers, creating a subtle yet powerful impact over time. Your audience might not immediately pick up the phone after seeing a billboard, but consider it as a form of “warming” the audience. Imagine a scenario where a customer drives by your billboard several times a week for three years. Though they might not consciously register the information, your company’s name starts to become familiar.

The Power of Recognition: When the time comes for a heating or cooling system repair, customers often turn to the internet for solutions. They type phrases like “heating repair near me” into search engines, and a plethora of options appear. This is where the value of consistent billboard exposure comes into play. Your potential customer, who has been subconsciously absorbing your brand through those billboards for years, recognizes your name in the list of service providers.

The Investment and Commitment: While the benefits of billboards in HVAC marketing are evident, it’s essential to acknowledge that reaping these rewards requires a significant investment and a long-term commitment. Unlike digital marketing strategies that can yield quicker results, the impact of billboards takes time to materialize. Businesses must remain patient and optimistic, understanding that the return on investment may not be immediate but can be substantial over the long haul.

Before you begin paying for billboards: Considering how billboards fit into the marketing ecosystem as a ‘warming’ mechanism it is important to have direct response marketing mechanisms in place BEFORE getting into billboards. In the context of the example I used earlier, the billboard only brings value if the business is visible in Google search (a direct response marketing mechanism).

On that note; In the ever-evolving landscape of HVAC marketing, traditional methods like billboards continue to play a valuable role. While the direct correlation between billboards and immediate phone calls might not be apparent, their impact on brand recognition, trust-building, and long-term customer engagement is undeniable. As HVAC business owners navigate the complex realm of marketing strategies, incorporating a patient and committed approach to billboard advertising can be a wise investment in the sustainable growth of their enterprises.

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