The FAQ Page: Why It Matters on Your Business Website and How to Improve It

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Previously, we talked about how to establish yourself and improve your brand visibility on social media platforms. Among the things we have covered is how to get your leads to perform specific actions, such as visiting your website. It’s no surprise that visitors would try to dig up your website for any information they can get.

You see, people no longer have the patience to poke around on multiple pages of a website for the information they need. Readers now expect a site to offer an accessible place to get help! Therefore, you want to direct your visitors to a page that answers all the common questions related to your business. These sets of questions are referred to in the internet world as the “Frequently Asked Questions” or FAQs. 

The Benefits of an FAQ Page

A well-crafted FAQ page has several benefits, and they all help your business flourish and generate more interest. Among these benefits are the following: 

1. It saves time

An effective FAQ page provides immediate access to much-needed information for your site’s visitors. It must have everything that the customer needs to know with regards to your products or services. This provides an alternate route to picking up a phone or sending a text message to answer common questions, and therefore save time on both you and your website’s visitors.

Your FAQ page essentially puts control on your website visitor’s hands, allowing them to learn stuff on their own without having to wait for a response from someone else. 

2. It shows that you are an expert

A well-crafted FAQ page will show off your expertise in your respective field, as well as let others know that you are leading the industry.

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For example, a computer store may run their own website showcasing all their products and services. Aside from billing and customer support, their FAQ page may contain information regarding compatibility issues with certain components. It may even have a few instructional videos on how to assemble your own computer.

Another example would be a pest control company showcasing all their qualifications, licenses, and knowledge of safety regulations on their FAQ page. Little things such as these can set your business apart from the rest of your competitors. It definitely goes a long way. 

3. It raises your impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Simply put, SEO is the process of ensuring that the content of your website can be found in search engines. This back-end aspect is sometimes overlooked by online marketing strategists, but it is an important tool in keeping your brand visibility up.

Source: Hoffer Pest Solutions

People usually go to search engines looking for solutions and not certain businesses. Carefully formulating certain keywords and questions that are relevant to your business and resonate with your target audience can bring your website on the top of search results. 

4. It establishes trust

If done right, your FAQ page might be the key to gaining a potential customer’s trust. You can enhance transparency by including billing information and how they are calculated. Licenses and other certifications also ensure that your business is legitimate and approved by any governing regulatory body.

You would also want to keep a tab on frequently asked questions that you may receive on your email, phone call, etc. and update your FAQ page with these new questions and their corresponding answer. This will show that you are actually putting an effort to address the needs of your customers.

How to Make An Effective FAQ Page

Now that you know why your business website needs an FAQ page, here are some key elements in making an effective FAQ page:

1. Answering the right questions

Go through your business email or text messages, etc. and narrow down a list of commonly asked questions and start from there. Reaching out to current and previous customers about what they want will also help give you a clearer picture. 

2. Don’t overhype, be down to earth

Customers have real questions that demand real answers, not sales talk. So, you need to be honest when addressing frequently asked questions. When formulating answers, you must put yourself in the perspective of a potential customer. 

3. Do not go overboard

Stick with the most common and relevant questions that you can find and focus on that. Putting too much into one page and your visitors will lose interest. Also, make sure that your page is easy to navigate and read. Include color blind options if you have to. 

4. Don’t forget to add call-to-action links/buttons

The FAQ page is the perfect place for all relevant questions to be answered, but it is also a great place to put call-to-action hyperlinks on some entries as well as some buttons on the sidebar. Call-to-action links and buttons are a tool to connect your visitors instantly to relevant pages on your website. Keep your visitors engaged and keep them connected. 

We hope that you enjoy reading this guide as much as we wrote it. Make sure you follow our tips on making an effective FAQ page for your business so you can better serve your clients!

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