Top 14 Sales Prospecting Tools: Prospecting Made Easy

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Are you in search of the best sales prospecting tool?

With several paid and free sales prospecting tools available today, making your sales prospecting strategies as effective as possible is easier than ever. Leveraging the right sales prospecting software is an excellent way to eliminate repetitive, time-consuming activities– allowing you to close more deals and keep bringing in new customers. (Related: Remote Sales: 18 Best Practices to Improve Your Strategy)

Through prospecting, you can ensure that each lead you speak with is either already a good fit for your product or has the potential to be one. Doing so before making contact can save you a ton of time.

As time-strapped as you are today (I am pretty sure of it), how do you make time to review dozens of lead-generating and sales-prospecting tools and determine which ones work best for your business goals? Worry not. Here are the best sales prospecting tools to supercharge your sales pipeline.

First on this list is Leadfuze, which allows you to set your lead generation on autopilot. This tool enables you to build your lead lists without the hassle and automatically sync them to your preferred CRMs and outreach tools.

One thing to note about Leadfuze is that it is famous for compiling contact lists and locating business contacts. You cannot enter the same contact information twice, plus it also allows you to conduct hyper-targeted lead searches for your campaigns.

Emails, phone numbers, employment histories, social profiles, and other data can all be selected by users as search criteria and information. You can also look for companies that have recently extended their product lines or target those that use a specific technology.

What I love about Leadfuze:

  • It has a contact database
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead verification/validation

Now, this list of top sales prospecting tools won’t be complete without the ever-popular LinkedIn Sales Navigator. As a sales tool that’s designed specifically for prospecting and insights, it will help you find the right prospects and build relationships with them.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator utilizes approximately 600 million professional users of the social network. You can use its search tools to find fresh leads or let the software suggest new prospects for you. With just one click, you can save lead and account searches using Sales Navigator's integration with several CRMs. You can find out which CRMs the platform currently integrates with by looking through LinkedIn's partner directory.

HubSpot's Sales Hub is an excellent sales software designed to help you close more deals, foster deeper relationships with your clients, and manage your pipeline seamlessly. All in a single, easy-to-use platform!

You can track when prospects open emails, click on links, or view attachments when you use its email tracking feature. Sales Hub also lets you schedule emails around the time you know your prospect will be most likely to open them. It also offers comprehensive contact information directly in your inbox.

So if you see a prospect reading through an email you sent a couple of weeks ago, you may send another follow-up email. Just ensure it contains some valuable information. Otherwise, they'd think it's spam!

Up next, we have ZoomInfo, which leverages leading B2B contact data with sales intelligence, engagement software, and workflow tools. What more could you ask for, right?

This tool helps you find your leads' contact information and even uses AI to identify similar contacts to connect with. It also looks for signals of intent like new business initiatives. With this knowledge, your sales reps can engage more with prospects most motivated to make a purchase. ZoomInfo also natively interacts with several well-known sales software programs, automatically enhancing lead profiles in your CRM.

5. Lusha

As noted on their website, Lusha allows you to sell and close more deals with the most accurate B2B company and contact data.

One important thing to note is that this tool is created especially for B2B businesses. It allows you to discover and interact with new prospects. Users can access contact and company information across numerous channels, including Gmail and LinkedIn, using the Lusha extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Thanks to its advanced search, Lusha users may quickly locate the perfect consumers and arrange appointments with them. Users can score leads and automatically identify decision-makers for more precise and current prospect lists.

What I love about Lusha:

  • It has a contact database
  • Data import/export
  • Lead database integration
  • Lead management and nurturing

Surprised to see Google Alerts on this list? This tool allows you to monitor the web for interesting fresh content. Using it, you can watch web references of a company's name, products, rivals, or market developments.

You can also leverage this tool to customize alerts and provide real-time updates on the terms that matter to your prospects. Overall, I think Google Alerts can be used to customize your outreach better.

7. Hunter

Dubbed to help you connect with anyone, Hunter helps you find professional email addresses in seconds. This tool is perfect if you want to connect with the right people that matter to your business. Also, it allows you to schedule follow-ups from your Gmail account and automates outreach by creating cold email campaigns.

Depending on your circumstance, you can choose from three available methods for email lookup needs.

  • If you want to find the emails of everyone who works for a specific organization, use Domain Search. You can organize contacts by department.
  • Or, simply type a professional's name and email address into Email Finder and search to locate their email address.
  • By typing the article URL into the search box, Author Finder lets you discover the author's email address.

It’s time to level up your business using high-performance data. EverString examines the search behavior of firms to identify the people most likely to be interested in learning more about your product. The platform has a database of 36 million verified contacts, so you won't need to use another tool to augment your search for the proper individual to contact.

Sending your account and lead lists to Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, or Terminus is also made simple using this tool. Additionally, you can download lists as a CSV file to update your preferred CRM.

This next tool promises to help you prospect and reach out to your ideal customers faster on social media and email. FindThatLead is a cloud-based B2B sales prospecting application that allows you to discover leads and send out cold emails.

Users can personalize email drip programs and have their emails automatically tracked. Additionally, this tool allows you to find fresh leads and utilize their sophisticated algorithm to validate email addresses and reduce bounce rates.

Lastly, users can schedule meetings, schedule demos, and contact prospects via social media. You can quickly locate emails on any website, including LinkedIn, by using a Chrome plugin.

What I love about FindThatLead:

  • Domain check
  • Bulk email verification
  • Campaign management
  • Lead segmentation capabilities

Ready to enhance your performance and build your pipeline minus all the hassle? Predictive Playbooks can generate and suggest automatic outreach sequences based on a lead's prior behavior. Also, it can update contact lists with the most recent data to ensure that all your calls and emails are delivered successfully.

Since it advises which contacts you should target and how to interact with them, its native integrations (which include Microsoft Dynamics and SAP) allow you to construct funnels within your CRM more quickly. Talk about a total time-saving solution!

11. Owler

This next tool allows you to follow companies that matter to you, so you can ultimately make smarter business decisions. Using its company and industry insights, you can easily find competitors, leads, and up-to-date news to optimize your prospecting and sales campaigns further. Users may filter contacts using its sophisticated search function according to location, industry, revenue, and more criteria.

What I love about Owler:

  • Brand customization
  • Custom keyword alerts
  • Find company profiles or databases

Looking to generate high-fit, high-intent prospect lists? ClearBit Prospector may be the prospecting tool you need. This software allows you to build highly targeted account & lead lists (along with their contact details) within seconds, as it has access to over 350 million contacts.

Hence, your sales representatives may quickly create customized lead lists with up-to-date contact information. It also offers 85 different data points to sort through them all. Additionally, Zapier offers several options for integrating Clearbit with your preferred CRM so that all new contacts are instantly added.

Up next, Leadfeeder is one of my favorite prospecting tools for B2B companies. It is made to track and keep track of website visitors and has tools for tracking which businesses are visiting your website, how they got there, and what interests them the most. Also, it enables users to track and recognize remote workers visiting your website thanks to its distinctive static and dynamic IPs database.

If you leverage this knowledge correctly, you can determine what visitors are looking at and create more effective sales pitches that address their concerns, needs, and pain points.

What I love about Leadfeeder:

  • Engagement tracking features
  • B2B lead generation
  • Channel attribution
  • Customer segmentation capabilities

Lastly, we have Saleshandy, a cold email outreach platform designed to help you get more conversions. It leverages advanced cold emailing & high deliverability features to form meaningful communication with your prospects.

Users can also schedule outreach emails and automate their lead nurturing process using this tool. For instance, automatically send up to nine levels of follow-up emails to every recipient who hasn't read or responded to your initial email. (Cool, right?)

When you receive notification that your recent emails have been opened, you can immediately follow up and prod your prospects to reply. And to assess their interest and forward them to the next level of your funnel, the email monitoring feature helps you observe how frequently and when your emails are opened. What a great way to standardize your outreach strategy with the power of personalization!

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