Minimal Landing Pages: Highly Effective In Half The Time (examples I use)

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Simple wins when it comes to landing pages.

In this video I discuss and share my minimal landing pages.

Here's the key points for those that can't watch.

Context: I am specifically talking about lead capture landing pages, not pages that are intended to capture credit card and make a sale.

Effectiveness.  In split testing I have found these minimal landing pages to be more effective than longer form landing pages with more content / details.  My theory is that the advertisement itself initiates the demand (for your offer), and once the user is on your page all they need to do is complete your conversion event, basically anything else is a deterrent.

Mobile First Design.  These pages are designed for mobile use.  With mobile there is not much screen space.  Over 66% of traffic will come from mobile; close to 100% if you're running social ads.  The focus is on mobile.  And the size of the content body remains nearly the same on desktop.  

Bottomline.  You'll probably have more success and less heading with minimal landing pages like these!

About the Author

I have been in the 'online business' space since 2009 when I started an eCommerce business selling motorcycle parts (sold in 2012). Since then I have owned and operated several successful online business (and had a fair share of failures), along with owning offline home services businesses. Currently my focus is online businesses that are profitable with paid traffic. As a 'self employed individual' I do not use Linkedin, but you can connect with my on my personal instagram and youtube which largely revolve around my mountain biking passion!