Managed WordPress Hosting: A Beginner’s Guide to How it Works

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While surfing the internet and seeing thousands of websites, have you ever wondered where they are? They must reside on some server somewhere in the world, right? True, each one of those websites is hosted on a server. In addition, many companies or organizations have and manage their own servers. Many make use of a website hosting service provider.

Managed WordPress hosting provides the full hosting service that allows website owners to focus on their business and not concern them with any technicalities. The host will supply an expert service on security, speed, availability, backups, scalability, and software and hardware updates.

If you plan a WordPress website, you first need a server to start, run, and give your website life. The second consideration is what your website will need to function according to design. Finally, just as you may not have a server, you will need the software and hardware tools to enable your website’s functionalities. So, there is more to hosting than what meets the eye.

A Managed WordPress Hosting Beginner’s Guide

Most website owners need servers or technology to enable their websites to function in a 24/7 environment. Therefore, making use of hosting is the next best option. In addition, there are different hosting types to accommodate the various website requirements. Let us briefly look at them.

Shared Hosting is the most popular and affordable. Your website will share all resources with other websites on one server, and you pay for the privilege to run on the server with limited resources and few technical advantages.

Dedicated Hosting removes the sharing function and replaces it with dedicated resources for your website, and thus, is more expensive.

Managed Hosting is more expensive but takes full responsibility for your website. You would not be concerned with any technical elements and requirements to maintain and keep your website up and running.

How Does Managed WordPress Hosting Work? 

Managed WordPress hosting is the flagship of hosting where you, as the website owner, are exempted from all technical concerns and requirements in maintaining and visibility of your website. Instead, the host will take full responsibility for a managed services fee. 

What’s Included in Managed WordPress Hosting?

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Managed service hosts may have different packages available depending on your needs and requirements. However, it is typically a full spectrum service that includes working on all technical specifications and ensuring an up-to-date website. Also, there are added benefits to managed WordPress hosting and some reasons why it costs more.

Below are examples of these managed services.

  • WordPress Website Security. The setup and continuous update of all security measures and software to keep your website secure. This is important as hackers constantly look for flaws and loopholes to access websites. Your website needs to stay abreast of these attacks for protection. 
  • WordPress Website SpeedMonitoring and managing the website speed – Ensuring website visits will not be hampered by slow responses from the server or the local network. Google and potential clients will leave or ignore your website if it does not respond timeously.
  • WordPress Website and Plug-in Updates. Ensure new versions of WordPress are updated timeously to get the intended benefits to your website. Of course, the same will apply to any other software running on the server that is part of the hosting service.
  • WordPress Website Backups. Technology is volatile, and having adequate backups available to enable website recovery in case of major disasters is critical. The host will take care of that.
  • WordPress Website Uptime. Availability is vital, and your website should be available 24/7. In addition, many hosts have failover capabilities in case of outages or planned server maintenance.
  • WordPress Website Scalability. You may need more resources as your website, and business grows. The host will scale your service according to your requirements while maintaining uninterrupted website availability. Check for the latest WordPress requirements here.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a tailor-made service for the specific website owner. It is like buying a car, but you appoint a chauffeur and mechanic to manage all the functions. Then, you ride along and focus on your business and the functional outcomes of your website.

Below are some distinct advantages of managed WordPress hosting.

  • Cost-effectiveness. Although it is the most expensive hosting type, you gain time, expertise, and a value-for-money service.
  • Peace of mind. The technicalities are in the hands of professionals, leaving you free of worries and concerns. They manage backups and sort out any technical issues. So, typically, as the saying goes – don’t talk to me; speak to my lawyer, peace of mind.
  • Technically updated environment. The host will ensure that the WordPress and server will be technically updated and free of bugs and that all patches are applied timeously. 
  • Secure environment. All websites are prone to hackers, and having an up-to-date security solution is key to the site and your business. They will scan your site for vulnerabilities and threats and mitigate them immediately.
  • Performance monitoring. The level of service your website provides will remain top-notch. For example, response and availability will be monitored, and corrective action will be taken when needed. This is important as Google uses these functions to determine rankings.
  • Many experts in one room. There are many functions to running a website with various knowledge requirements. The host will have all the experts in one room. You can ask questions and get continuous support.
  • You still have control. While the host and experts manage your website’s essential and technical aspects, you have time to focus on your business and the website functionalities. However, you may make website changes, like adding plugins, themes, or other design upgrades. But you are still in control.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

There are only a few disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting. This hosting option may be overkill if you still want to control portions of the technical responsibility. Some hosts will dictate certain functions that you may have differing views on.

In addition, you could feel restricted in choices. However, it is scarce as the hosting services are usually based on best practices. Lastly, it is a perfect hosting option, but it is expensive.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting the Best Option for my Website?

There are two reasons why managed WordPress hosting should be your chosen option. First, you have no or limited WordPress or technical know-how, or your website is an e-commerce-type site that could benefit most from the hosting services.

In addition, you get what you pay for. Therefore, this entire package hosting will save you time and sleepless nights. At the same time, your website will gain the best service allowing it to compete on the same or higher levels as its competitors. In addition, it is like having a best friend with all the answers.

On the other hand, more minor, info-based websites may do well with Shared Hosting as the level of expertise and functionality would dictate.

Final Thoughts

As a website owner, you can either host and manage your website yourself or opt for one of the three typical hosting options available on the market. The managed option is the best but also the most expensive. However, the host will take care of everything and leave you to concentrate on your business. (Related: 7 of the Best Hostgator Alternatives for WordPress Sites)

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