Improve Lead Quality With These 7 Questions You Can Add To Your Web Forms

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Web form lead generation often comes with the problem of ‘intent’ or the lack of. Many platforms and browser extensions auto fill form fields making easier for users to complete the lead form without much consideration.

This can leave sales teams, or the end lead handler with a frustrating high volume of leads that have varying quality and little insight into the actual value of each individual lead.

Fortunately where there’s challenge, there is opportunity. One of my big areas of focus in my career has been improving lead quality, both as a lead buyer and lead generator. And adding specific qualifying questions to the lead forms has been a major factor in getting high quality leads.

On the surface, adding questions like these can add a lot of value for the sales team (or you in a small business) to know where to direct your time, but with technical algorithm implementation, digital advertising platforms can target people that answer the questions specifically according to your needs.

Example of Question In Web Lead Form

Lets start with a visual example of a question.

It is simply a multiple choice selection.

In this lead generating example, it is clear that a lead that is ‘Ready to apply’ is of much higher value than the other options.

Do note, a multiple choice selection is preferred over a blank field as it keeps the user confined to what you offer and are measuring.

B2C Lead Qualifying Questions

These are some of the best questions for B2C products/services. B2B is covered below.

What is your time frame for getting this ______?

Asking a time frame reveals just how immediate the needs are. A shorter time from is clearly better!

How did you hear about our business?

This question is intended to help you identify referral customers. Anyone who has been in sales knows that customers that come to your business by referral are simply better. They are less likely to price shop, and they have a level of trust in your business established by a source they know. Getting more referrals is always good, and often they should be prioritized in the lead flow!

What is your budget?

This question works well for businesses selling custom products/services. A client with unrealistic budget expectations is simply a lower quality lead as they will need educating and nurturing before becoming a prospect

B2B Lead Qualifying Questions?

Now let’s talk about B2B

How large is your team?

Are your business customers solo-preneurs or enterprise clients with thousands of employees? or somewhere in the middle?

This question reveals a lot about a business in a very casual way.

What is your annual revenue?

Many B2B offers are intended for a business of a certain revenue size. Asking upfront established whether they are potential customers or a waste of time.

How many years have you been in business?

I love this question because I personally don’t like working with startups! Years in business can give you a gauge of where they are at in the business / product lifecycle and if you are a good fit.

Do you use a competing product / service?

This could be rephrased as ‘do you use any of the following services/products?’

This might be my favorite question of all. A lead revealing whether they use a competitors give you insight into how you should approach the sales process. Possibly it is ideal if they are using a competitor as you have a better solution. Or perhaps, you’d rather not have to fight against an incumbent.

Pick The Most Valuable Question to Improve Lead Quality

While I propose multiple questions here, in my experience it is best to just use ONE question. Using multiple questions tends to disqualify too many leads.

For that reason I like to identify the ONE question that provides the most value to our sales team or lead buyers!

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