How to Use AI to Step Up Your Email Marketing

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With the advancement of technology, AI has been introduced into various technical systems, but is it possible for an AI to assist you in your email marketing goals? How does AI give you an advantage while marketing through email?

Using AI for email marketing has benefits such as personalization, automation, increased conversion rates, and data analysis. The functionality of AI ensures the lack of human error allowing marketing strategies to be consistent without mistakes and maximizing the reach of your marketing.

It is crucial to understand the potential of AI implementation in its entirety. It would be best if you were also prepared for the advantages and disadvantages that reveal while utilizing AI in your emailing marketing strategy.

What is AI in Email Marketing?

AI for email marketing mostly comes from tools provided by email marketing services. These AI tools perform individual roles in ensuring your campaigns are successful and only improve over time.

The AI develops into any existing structure and adjusts smoothly based on you and your clients, making them a great additional assistant in your work. They also immensely save you time by performing trivial or lengthy processes such as determining time deliveries and proof checking text of emails (subject line, body text, etc.).

5 Ways to use AI in Email Marketing

So many email marketers today use AI during their working process. Below are five ways for you to utilize your AI to produce the best product possible and ensure success.

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1. Detect Important Information to Personalize Emails to Clients

One function of an AI system is to gather information regarding each client that receives your marketing emails. This database enables the AI to form personalized content per client. This process increases interest and relevance to each client, meeting and exceeding their every need.

2. Develop and Improve Emailing Optimization

Your AI develops and improves your email marketing by analyzing previous email campaigns and forming the best product on a personal level with each client.

Your email marketing style can differentiate based on the data the AI accumulates, such as the client's interests, gender, and times when active online. The AI also ensures that your contacts remain up to date, preventing a clustered email list of inactive participants.

3. Potential for Greater Rates and Revenue

You could spend numerous hours finalizing an email structure dedicated to specific audiences that would be ineffective. The development of AI assists in adapting accurately and efficiently, ensuring a remarkable final product. This process will result in increased rates, conversions, and revenue!

4. Avoid the Spam Filter

The spam filter is a headache for many marketing campaigns. However, the algorithm developed by your AI, from gathering data regarding material and formatting, can assist in avoiding this issue, ensuring your emails reach your client without hassle. The changes could be as simple as placing the subject box in the opening message! (Related: How to Keep Your Marketing Emails Out of the Spam Box)

5. Save you Time and Money

As mentioned before, an AI implemented into your daily process greatly increases the chance for success with each campaign you deliver. This quick path to success ensures you do not lose money through trial and error. It also saves your personal time by performing tasks that could either be extensive or trivial.

These tasks that an AI performs include:

  • Managing email lists
  • Personalization of emails per client
  • Determining delivery time per client
  • Proof checking emails (subject box, subject line, and body text)

Aspects to Consider before using AI for Email Marketing

Even though AI offers great assistance to any email marketer, all things have their ups and downs. Below are certain elements to monitor while using AI for your email marketing to ensure smooth sailing.

  • Algorithms are not perfect. The AI algorithms that assist with personalizing emails have the potential to not remain 100% consistent. Adding an AI is exciting and provides more free time, but you should remain vigilant if any errors arise. Staying aware is important as we do not want any issues left undetected.
  • Lack of personal human connection. With the efficient accuracy of an AI, your clients may feel a lack of personal human connection. The world has already introduced many technical systems into their lives, especially online. It has become rarer to experience interactions between two individuals, such as through online marketing. Many clients appreciate your marketing to retain that heartwarming human touch.
  • Excessive delivery of emails. The development of an AI can be impressive and has many positives, but it also develops speed. With this element left unchecked, it can overload clients with continuous delivery of emails. This situation can become overwhelming and lead to information overload, potentially chasing away your clients.
  • Lack of customer service. Should a client encounter any problems or wish to ask questions, an AI is not as equipped as a human to deal with these situations. Certain clients prefer the entire process to attain a personal human touch. So, removing their access to customer service due to an AI implemented into the system could leave them unsatisfied.

5 Amazing AI tools for Email Marketing

The market for AI tools for you to utilize is vast. The immense diversity ensures that you can find an AI tool to assist you in any areas that require improvement. Below are some of the preferred AI tools for email marketing.

Here we go.


Optimail is perfect for the personalization of content per client. The AI adapts its optimization through automated emails sent to subscribers to acquire data regarding that person's preferences. This process guarantees your campaign is successful in content and timing. This AI is also highly flexible and compatible with existing structures or databases.

Drift Email

Drift Email (previously Siftrock) saves resources by managing email replies from clients and adapting responses toward them. For example, should a client enquire about a specific service or product, the AI will forward that email to the appropriate company representative.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is all about perfect timing in the delivery of emails. This AI develops a database that lets you discover the best times for sending emails per client. As a result, this AI immensely saves you both time and resources.

Zeta Email

Zeta Email (previously Boomtrain) is an AI tool that uses great personalization to increase client engagement, further improving sales, conversions, and click rates. The AI analyzes each client's previous behaviors and adjusts information for remarkable engagement.


Phrasee is an AI tool that produces the perfect subject line for your marketing campaigns. Phrasee creates plentiful subject lines utilizing natural language generation. The AI also adapts to your audience, improving clicks, conversions, and sales.

The Future of using AI for Email Marketing

Email marketing is a broad market, and one can only wonder how AI could affect the future of this career. Many email marketers implement AI into their regular routine to assist them in producing the best product possible. There is currently a great harmony between humans and AI, limiting the risk of the AI taking over your job.

Luckily for you, an AI lacks key components of human nature, such as emotion and empathy, which people vastly utilize for creativity in their marketing campaigns. This aspect ensures a precise balance between AI and humans by advancing performances without losing the personal human touch that many clients appreciate.

Final Thoughts

Introducing AI into your email marketing improves your overall product, allowing you to produce effective campaigns. It is important to remain vigilant and present in each process, so no errors are left unsolved. Furthermore, an AI also omits a human touch which many clients wish to receive. So, maintaining a balance between AI and humans within your campaign is good practice.

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