How To Increase Email Open Rates [5 Pro Strategies]

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Let me show you how to increase your email open rates.  

These are 5 strategies I use... not your typical run of the mill garabage or BS.  

Here's a short summary of them.  More depth provided in the video.

1. Warm sending email with Lemlist

Emails that are strictly used for emailing lists can quickly be identified and flagged a spam/promotional by mail servers.  Lemlist is a program that will send and exchange emails with other Lemlist users (automatically) to give the impression that it is a frequently read and replied to sender.  Although intended for cold email outreach, I always warm my new email addresses up before utilizing them in an email marketing automation or blast.  

2. Double Opt In

Getting a user to open the email and take an action is the best way to signal to their email host that they find emails from your address valuable.  Double opt-in mechanisms provided by all of the major email marketing softwares (I like Activecampaign and Mailerlite), satisfy this signal.

Naturally the secondary problem becomes getting users to complete the double opt-in step.  For this the solution is to improve the offer of your lead magnet (whatever they are joining your email list for).  When you have a lead magnet that people really want, double opt in rates will be 95%+.  

3. Get User Engagement in the email

You can get engagement from the user in nearly any email by simplying including a poll or survey for feedback.  I show a great, simple example in the video!

4. Subject Line

My two favorite subject lines are in the video. And I have never seen anyone using these.

5. Time of day

The time you send your emails, really matters a lot.  You need to identify when your audience actually buys stuff.  

5A... bonus in the video

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