Fiverr Vs Upwork: Which One I am Relying On To Find Good Freelancers

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In 2021 I will spend over $200,000 on freelancers for my small businesses.  I have free lancers doing all kinds of things!

I hire the common freelancers that most online businesses need such as graphic designers, developers and content writers.  But in my local businesses I have few more unique roles, such as sales associates that sell for my epoxy flooring business Acumen Surfaces.  At my exterior contracting business we have a full time draftsman to create permitting files and correspond with engineers.

All of my freelancers come from Upwork or Fiverr; but it 2021 I prefer to user Fiverr over Work.  Let me explain why! 

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Problems With Freelancers.

We have to start with an understanding of the fundamental problems associated with hiring freelancers on any platform.

Hiring Is Frustrating & Challenging.

It sounds straightforward; you post a job and get bids. But in practice it is far from that.

You have to type up your project listing, and not only be specific, but be sure to use words that entice freelancers. In other words, don’t make it sound like you are difficult to work with. If you sound like a stickler, your project will get far fewer bids.

Upwork has became such a popular platform that the great freelancers don’t really look for work. If you want them you’ll need to find them and invite them to your project.

From there you are usually left with many, sometimes dozens of potential freelancers. You’ll need to narrow it down. This means you’ll need to narrow it down to bidders with good feedback in the right area of expertise (more on that in a second), and then discuss with them to make sure they understand the scope of work.

Oh yea prices will vary wildly. The rates will often vary by 100’s of %, even among qualified, high rated providers. You’ll need to spend some time trying to figure out where you’ll get the level of quality desirable.

Feedback Isn’t Necessarily Reflective

I’ve hired freelancers with EXCELLENT reviews at a premium price only to be let down. Why? The problem usually has to do with a review being left on a seperate type of project. For example a graphic designer might get tons of great reviews on little logo design projects, but then flop when you hire them for a landing page design.

Sure you could add more to your hiring process and analyze everyone's feedback directly, I have, but I find that confusing, and gig based freelancing platforms like Fiverr eliminate the problem.

Timelines Are Often Exceeded or Freelancers Flake.

I have no great explanation for this but time and time again freelancers on upwork seem to miss deadlines or flake altogether. In a sample of my last 20 hires on upwork, over 40% of them either were past deadline or just never did anything.

The Scope Of Work Requires a Meeting of 2 Minds

That isn’t a bad thing, but it adds challenging hurdle to an often small project. Both parties need to be on the same page for success, however that often isn’t the case when each has their own unique, unrefined scope of work.

Freelancers Tend To Raise Their Rates Once You’re hooked.

You find a good freelancer, and things start flowing. Work is getting done. You’ve adjusted to working with your freelancer and then boom! They tell you they need to raise their rates.

In my opinion it is just a way to squeeze more milk out of the cow.

Gig Based Platform Such As Fiverr.

Service providers list their service with specifics. Buyers buy with a click of the button.

There is literally everything on Fiverr, from graphic design to website coding to, ‘family & genealogy’. All kinds of stuff.

Sellers Are Specialists.

The sellers offer specific projects at a fixed price. Rather than scrapping to bid on projects they could do, the sellers post service they want to specialize in. This avoids mismatch of skills and mediocre results.

Feedback & Portfolio Is Gig Specific.

The feedback that you see is just for that specific gig. No need to decipher what feedback was left on what type of project. You can also see a nice portfolio of projects completed for that gig specifically.

No Hiring. Just Painless Buying.

Forget about typing up that job ad with oratorical prowess to attract the best. Finding a service provider is as easy as shopping. Just use the Fiverr search engine, click and buy. Then end.

The Scope of Work Is Always Clear

The scope of work is written up by the seller in their gig offering. With time, and experience, sellers get well skilled at writing their scope of work leaving nothing to the imagination, so both buyers and sellers are very clear on the specifications. As a perk (already) mentioned you can see the gig specific portfolio for every project.

No Personal Pricing

No worries about the freelancer raising their price once they feel like you have them on the hook. Their offered price has to remain consistent among all clients, so if a freelancer feels included to raise their rates that have to consider the full market effect -- they just whack you.

If I were A Freelancer, I Would Want To List On Five

Actually I plan to list a few freelance service on Fiverr. Why? It is simple and concise. I wouldn’t have to waste time bidding for projects. I control the playing field.

Fiverr Isn’t For Everything

Admittedly there are some projects that aren’t cut out for a Fiverr. Obviously large scale projects… but these are going to have a dedicated project manager. Graphic design has also been a failure there. I prefer 99designs for that.

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