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The SEO disciples won’t like

SEO is only important for Ecommerce businesses if they have a product that is a solution for a problem a lot of people are searching for.

Ecommerce businesses with a product that is bought through the concept of ‘desire’ as opposed to ‘problem’, is best off sticking with paid ads.

Even if your ecom business does have a solution-oriented product it’s important to consider if it is worth the investment relative to paid ads, as SEO as it lacks direct, scalable and sustainable results.

Example of ecom business that would thrive with SEO…

is a brand of sleep masks and audio to help people sleep better. The monthly estimated search volume for ‘how to get deeper sleep’ is 8,600. That’s in addition to countless other high volume search terms. Lots of people have a sleep problem and search out solutions online.

Publishing insightful content on these sleep topics, and becoming a ‘sleep resource’ would be a great strategy for the brand as they could introduce their product as a solution to the problem

An ecom business that shouldn’t invest in SEO…

is a swimwear brand. People buy swimwear because it appeals to their desire. The desire for how it makes them look, feel, or the brand they want to be associated with. No one goes online searching for a swimwear problem.

Even if your swimwear brand solves a problem, that needs to be conveyed in other marketing channels… because no one is searching for it.

Yes, I am aware people search for ‘stylish swimwear’ but let’s be real — you’re not going to outrank the major brands and publications on that one.

On that note;

foucs on building your ecom business with paid traffic instead of SEO. If you’re product does offer a solution to a problem that a lot of people are searching for, then a blog based seo campaign may be worthwhile.

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