12 Best Content Marketing Podcasts: Step Up Your Content Game Today

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If you’re in marketing, you probably know that content marketing is an ever-changing field. Algorithm updates, social media trends, and even pop culture can influence what’s hot and what’s not– so you have no choice but to adapt. Fast.

One good way to keep up with the industry trends and news is to tune into content marketing podcasts. With about 51% of the US population listening to a podcast, the popularity of podcasts will only grow in the next few years.

Lucky for you, I’ve compiled the best podcasts on content marketing so all that’s left for you is to tune in, take some notes, and start shaking up your content like never before.

12 Best Content Marketing Podcasts to Listen to Now

Let's get started.

Every content marketer knows it’s difficult to separate SEO and content marketing at times due to their close ties. As such, the Experts on the Wire podcast focuses on effective SEO practices, including the likes of content production, conversion optimization, and strategy.

SEO consultant Dan Shure, the show’s host, is a personal favorite of mine. He always presents fresh ideas while also featuring key figures in digital marketing in the episodes– from independent contractors who develop content and SEO strategies to in-house SEO experts working at large businesses. Overall, I think it’s one of the most engaging, fun content marketing podcasts on this list.

Great episodes to check out:

I believe I speak on behalf of most marketers today, Jay Acunzo is a great expert to learn from. Guy knows his stuff. Aside from being a leading author and thought leader in marketing, he takes a closer look into the best marketing practices and divulges why they might work for you.

If you’re a fan of putting your thinking cap on when it comes to providing fresh content, this podcast will encourage you to think outside the box. Learn great inbound marketing advice and develop your critical thinking at the same time!

Great episodes to check out:

Neil Patel and Eric Siu, the dynamic duo of Marketing School, are famous for providing highly-applicable marketing advice in bite-sized chunks. If you want to listen to insightful content marketing analysis and tips, which also cover SEO, this podcast may just be your next favorite thing– ever.

The best part? Topics cover more than just content marketing. You’ll also learn sales tactics, analytics, marketing plan, and social media scaling. Given Eric and Neil’s popularity in the marketing field, consider their podcast a must-listen!

Great episodes to check out:

The Content and Conversation podcast (produced by the Siege Media team) covers various content marketing, SEO, and email outreach topics. I recommend it to content marketers who are starting in the field and want to see success in their current campaigns.

In particular, the podcast claims to use the same exact techniques that encouraged 250,000+ visit increases for their clients. It takes a closer look into what makes content rank higher, and how to get your content shared more.

Great episodes to check out:

Omniscient Digital’s The Long Game is an in-depth, conversational podcast hosted by David Khim, Alex Birkett, and Allie Decker, which features a key figure in content marketing. It aims to share success stories where long-term thinking triumphs.

If you’re interested to know the strategies and tactics adopted by successful businesses, this podcast will show you how to crack the code of content marketing.

Great episodes to check out:

I’m sure you know Gary Vaynerchuk in some way or another. The guy’s been one of the most viral, popular content creators today. That said, The GaryVee Audio Experience podcast naturally covers topics related to effective content marketing.

Other than that, he also talks about personal motivation, storytelling optimization, and the latest marketing trends. You don’t have to look far and wide– Gary V.’s status as a content superstar is a testament to his amazing storytelling skills (that you can learn from!)

Great episodes to check out:

Dubbed as “The only podcast for people sick of marketing bullsh*t,” Louis Grenier’s podcast is a good one. You can count on no-fluff, actionable marketing insights that will give you fresh ideas to produce content that stands out, without being sleazy. You’ll find ‍Louis as an expert on messaging, positioning, and marketing. All that good stuff. 

Since it’s also an interview show, he also invites several key figures in the marketing industry to pull great insights.

Great episodes to check out:

If you’ve ever wondered how influential figures in digital marketing such as Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin, Jeff Baker, and others got where they are today. You can learn that (and so much more) by tuning in to Shane Barker's Marketing Growth Podcast.

The show reveals different proven and tested growth marketing techniques by top marketers and entrepreneurs. Shane asks them how they made the switch to business and marketing, what obstacles they encountered along the way, and what lessons they took away from it.

So if you want to build a successful online business, this podcast is a great resource to start with. You’ll also learn tips and tricks, software, and technologies that the pros use to carve your path towards marketing success.

Most importantly, Shane discovers the tactics, shortcuts, resources, and equipment that they employ to be successful in content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and other areas.

Great episodes to check out:

Hosted by Paul Jarvis and Kaleigh Moore, Creative Class covers different topics from a freelancer's perspective. This is perfect for freelancers who want to learn from other experts in the industry and their experiences, knowledge, and opinions in it.

That said, I find many content marketers can relate to it (as it’s most likely that you will conduct some form of freelancing gig now or in the future even as a content marketer). You’ll be guided on the right path with the help of this podcast. You’ll get to learn how to do it right!

Great episodes to check out:

True to its name, The Blogging Millionaire podcast aims to teach you how to blog effectively and scale the revenue of your blogging efforts. You’ll get to learn “secret” blogging strategies that the pro bloggers leverage to boost traffic and monetize their content.

Case in point: the host himself built a blog with over 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years. Impressive, right? You can count on his expertise to help you master the art of blogging, WordPress, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and more.

Be well on your way towards building your very own blogging empire. (It’s not as impossible as you initially thought!)

Great episodes to check out:

This next “BS-free” content marketing podcast also features in-depth interviews with different key figures involved in content marketing from top organizations like Kinsta, BigCommerce, Close, and others.

What I like about this show is that it goes straight to the point with the best content marketing tactics and ideas. (None of the fluff, whatsoever!) If you want to learn more about SEO and content marketing, you’ll learn a lot of fresh insights from this podcast along with some actionable strategies.

Great episodes to check out:

Last but not the least, I recommend Perpetual Traffic to almost anyone involved in online marketing. I find them to be truly valuable when it comes to discussing matters like business expansion, content marketing, and marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a Junior Media Buyer (expert level) or you’re trying to create your first Facebook ad copy, I’m confident you’ll learn actionable strategies you can apply IRL.

They also focus on social media, paid advertisements (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube), and SEO. The hosts are doers who put what they preach into practice, so you can never go wrong with what they share!

Great episodes to check out:

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