6 Strategies to Increase Your Opt-in Rate and Get More Email Subscribers

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Although some might say email marketing is 'exploited', there is no shortage of using email marketing to turn cold leads into paying customers.  I currently do it daily with email sequences in my own home services business and online business.   The success of email marketing starts with getting people on your list.

Naturally, increasing your opt-in rate gets more people on your marketing list faster, and at a lower cost.

Email marketers can increase their opt-in rates and get more subscribers by helping people or providing helpful content. They can also add more than just value, use a chat widget to engage visitors, use videos to attract users, switch things up by giving visitors control, and host competitions.

Adding more email addresses to your email list is always a good feeling. The last thing senders want is an opt-in rate that does not improve. Fear not, as it is possible to improve your opt-in rate and thus add more addresses to your email list.

In this article, we will discuss some strategies on how email marketers can increase their opt-in rate and get more email subscribers.

Let's get started.

1. Help People in Your Own Unique Way

Being helpful is the most efficient and cost-free strategy to raise your opt-in rate and gain more email subscribers if you are just starting out as a sender. It may sound too simple, but it really is that straightforward.

You want to engage in dialogue with users on your social media platforms, join Facebook groups where people ask questions, etc. It has been demonstrated that when you take the time to respond to inquiries from others, they frequently express an interest in learning more about you.

They might go to your profile or search for your name on Google to learn more about you. Many will want to stay in touch and will probably want to join your email list. Answering questions or providing helpful content will go a long way in driving traffic to your work.

2. Do more than Just Offer Things that Add Value

Another intriguing strategy for increasing email subscribers is shifting your attention away from providing fantastic value. For instance, many people like to give things away. This could be an attempt to increase the number of subscribers by giving away your goods, such as a cookbook, in exchange for their email address.

The majority of individuals, despite being somewhat effective, want rapid gains. Not everyone desires a complete recipe book. Offering incredible deals in exchange for an email list won't draw customers. Smaller items like quizzes and checklists are more effective.

For instance, offering the top 5 success suggestions will generate a significantly better response and increase the opt-in rate. People frequently choose things that yield results immediately. A one-page checklist is preferable to a fifty-page recipe book.

Additionally, consumers are more willing to participate in online quizzes. Quizzes are popular because people want to take them in the hopes that they would reveal something about themselves or possibly make them feel better. A variety of online quiz designers might be beneficial here. Raffles and other giveaways are pretty effective at attracting subscribers. However, bear in mind that you want more than just individuals who are interested in what you are giving away; you also want people who are interested in what you do so they join your email list.

3. Use a Chat Widget to Engage Visitors in Chats

Always work to keep website visitors interested. A live chat widget on your website can easily generate email subscriptions. Even though live chat is often thought of as a support feature that is only ever required when users need help or want to contact customer service, this does not mean that it cannot serve another purpose.

It can be utilized to guarantee that visitors are warmly welcomed when they first visit your website. This is a fantastic approach to pique visitors' interest and, more often than not, entice them to subscribe to your email list.

4. Use Videos to Increase Your Opt-in Rate

Videos are an excellent call to action that, unsurprisingly, can help you raise your opt-in rate. They can potentially increase click-through rates by as much as 300%. This makes sense because videos are more engaging as they are visually appealing and typically simpler to grasp. Additionally, they are frequently considerably more effective at informing people because most would rather watch a brief video than read a large amount of text.

5. Add Value by Switching things Up

Changing things up is a fantastic strategy to grow your email list. Giving your website visitors something of value instead of doing the usual and asking them to subscribe is one way. Your audience takes charge in this way. This could take the form of requesting that the visitor complete a quick assessment.

Once finished, users can only receive their results and feedback by giving their email. Although it might seem that visitors would be hesitant to provide their email addresses at this point, they are already invested and are more inclined to do so to see the outcomes.

6. Host Social Media Contests

One final way to help increase your opt-in rate is to hold social media competitions. Suppose you're wondering what the purpose of this is. People are always eager to enter competitions in the hopes of winning prizes.

Therefore, it isn't surprising that many are willing to enter their contact details, email address included, so they can be contacted should they win. This is one strategy that works fast and can get you a lot of emails to add to your list.

However, you have to keep in mind that these subscribers could only be in it for the prizes you are offering and not because they genuinely want to join your list. One great way to combat this is to tailor your content to suit that and separate them from your existing subscribers. Therefore, this method could lead to a lower conversion rate and a lot less engagement.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, there are ways in which senders like you can boost your opt-in rate and get more subscribers. It simply takes knowing what to do as there is no silver bullet for building an email list with thousands of subscribers, but you can work to create a highly successful list by implementing these few basic strategies.

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